Curriculum Vitae

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Mr. Jim Regan's Curriculum Vitae


High School - Parkway Central Sr. High, Chesterfield Mo. (Graduated 1972)


Naval Veteran - U.S.S. Guam LPH-9, Medical Corpsman, Lab Technician

On Naval chess team - placed third in entire Navy


College - York College, Jamaica Queens, N.Y., B.S. Medical Technology - 5yr. program

(Graduated 1986) (Assisted PHD with Cholesterol research while matriculating. Dr. Chenouda PHD) 


License - ASCP M.T.


Hobbies - Chess, played in professional tournaments


Started Carpet Cleaning buisness with partner- Emerald Carpet Cleaning in N.Y.


Church - Believers Christian Center Pastor - Henry Adams Jr.

1440 WWWhite, San Antonio, Texas

Phone 210-648-5152

Website now

 I have been there for 17 years


A. Preached at Baptist Mission - 6 months to year

B. Choir - about 2 years

C. Childrens Church - about 6 years or more -still there as one of the teachers.

D. Secretary and food for -Men's fellowship

E. Aided with earlier Church Website



Christian Author- "My Words are Spirit and Life" 2006


News Review of book - Click Here (Then Click link news review for pdf file)


Cofounder of with Phillip Guerra


Orphanage work in Port au Prince Haiti - for two stints totaling three months around 1978

I Will be going back soon!!!


Lived in San Antonio since 1990


Presently Work at -

A Phase 1 Clinical Research Lab


Experience in Lab and Science 

Been in Clinical Laboratory field as Medical Technologist since 1986

Was Lab Technician in Navy 1974-1976 

Have taken courses in Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Organic Chemistry, Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry, Genetics, Immunology and more.
















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My Address

Thisis M. Name1234N A StreetMy City, ST. 89098

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