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A guide to the Political Process and Holding Our Leaders Accountable

Man's Definition: Political science is the academic subject centering on the relations between governments and other governments, and between governments and peoples.

God's Definition: 

Romans 13:1

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.

Profesor Cary Covington - God and the campaign Trail


The Fronts that are Behind the Scenes

January 24th 2008

By J. Regan


In a war there are many fronts, lines, or angles by which an enemy can launch an assault or bid for a breakthrough of the defensive lines. Sometimes it is advantageous to lose ground in one area of the battle, even deep ground as long as the breakthrough in the target areas occur. The suffered losses are called casualties of war or collateral damage and are considered acceptable as the overall outcome of the intended targeted fronts for breakthrough were a success. Simply said, I am willing to accept some losses if I get the targeted areas that I want. It happens in war, karate, chess, boxing, racing, and other types of competitive sports.

After the battle is over the resulting ground lost or won in that battle becomes apparent. So why am I discussing things about war, when the article is about the ongoing and upcoming Presidential campaign. It is because there are underlying issues at stake as a result of this campaign, and it is our duty as voters to be as informed as possible in making our decision as to who are next President and even Vice-President will be.

Not only should the political issues like health care, and economy be considered, but also the underlying moral and ethical issues should be looked at as well. We should carefully look at the candidate's ability to walk into the presidential oval office and their ablility to take on the hard issues; including foreign policy, the Iraq war, and the war on terror. To just bring the troops home safely is not enough. One has to probe into the roots of this contention and to realistically face what is happening on a spiritual and global level. The reason being is that as a country we just cannot pack up our toys and go home.

We must not forget the reason why we went into war. It is because of 9/11. Now if we were misguided by intellegence, or for whatever reason, and perhaps should have focused elsewhere in the war on terror, then we should learn from it, and refocus our attention now on the correct front(s) in this battle! This war will not disappear because we decide to stop, not this time, not like in Vietnam. It is because the terrorist's plots will continue and as our enemies at large they do have a definite and collective agenda. (To read more about this see Terrorism 101 and The Middle East Pages. If you want to go back even further into the deep historical roots of this battle, see Frameworks III after visiting the other pages.)

Now as far as the issues at hand of the political campaign itself, (by the way the word campaign echoes the battle strategies and lines of military war), we need to look at what the candidates are truly representing as a whole package, because the whole package of the candidate is what were gonna get, and we need to know and understand what were gonna get so we can choose our path as a nation accordingly. That is what makes our country great is having that ability to choose! We do not have to take the "que sera sera attitude", or the "life is a bunch of chocolates attitude" in that you never know what your gonna get. We can know and we can choose.

While as a voter we must do our own in-depth investigation to see where the candidates stand, I am going to offer an appetizer of information upon which we can start our pondering. I am also going to accelerate this process for I believe that the political dynamics are about to change from a McCain, Clinton, OBama battle to a McCain and Obama battle. If it turns out different we shall see, but based on the observations of the campaign, hitherto, the lines of demarcation being expressed by the voters' hearts is; "Deep rooted Change and Unity, vs. "Experience and Stay the Course on the Battle of Terror." These are our frontal differences of choice.

What I also see is a very powerful gravitation towards Obama and Change and yes do we need it. I see a very energetic and charismatic Obama against an experienced veteran of politics, yet in McCain's person, a whole lot less of apparent comparitive energy on board. The natural and surface choice would be a candidate who can effectually bring about change and perhaps get us out of our military predicament. Yet, there is also a whole lot more to this story.

Now before we look at differing issues I would like you to watch a moving speech made by Obama on Martin Luther Kings Day. Play the clip from Ebenezer Church. It deeply touched my heart. It sounded really great. It sounded very sincere and it easily captured my heart as I suspect it will yours. It echoed the historical victories and challenges of Dr. Martin Luther King while pointing towards the issues that we face in America today.

Was it not moving? Did it not bring you almost to tears? Yes it was, and I liked many of the things that were said about unity and within this Christian context. Yet, when thinking about the word unity, which is a good thing to a point, should not this unity stay fairly close to the unity of truth and the unity of the word of God? What I mean by this is when we look at the issues and when we observe our candidate to be and lead, should we not also look into the specifics of what they are standing for and what they have stood for and then take this information and compare that to the issues that are stood upon in the word of God. God is definitely into being of one accord in a spirit of unity, but is also very concerned about our willingness as a nation to hold fast to his words and principles.

So now since that has been said, let's compare the issues between these two candidates and then do some more investigation on our own as we move towards election day so in our final choice we have considered also the will of God.


1. Barack Obama .2. John McCain

(Links from Ontheissues.org)


What frontal lines will be conceded, and what frontal lines will be held with respect to our choice of candidate? The lines of demarcation in this battle are not only political, personal, spirtual and global, they are also the same lines that will define the changes that will occur in our country, and determine the resultant ground that is won or lost. It is up to us now. First become aware of all the important issues at hand, and then vote accordingly so that God may heal our land.


The Line is Drawn in the Sand

There was a time in Texas history where a small group of volunteers held off a major attack of 3000 men (Santa Anna's Mexican Army), at a mission fort called the Alamo in San Antonio. As the the Mexican Army amassed and awaited the orders for the attack, a very interesting event occurred in the Texas mission camp. A line had been drawn in the sand. It had been drawn by Colonel Travis with a sword as he recognized those that remained in this fight would most surely die. He gave the option so that those that desired to leave could do so at no dishonor to themselves.

Most stayed. (watch video) They chose to stand and fight with Colonel Travis. This decision played a major role in the final outcome of the land dispute between Texas and Mexico. An outcome, if different, would have changed the physical landscape and borders of the United States and Mexico, as we see it today. This event was that important.

Now in this time do we find another line drawn in the sand. Yet this time, the line is drawn with respect to our upcoming presidential election where we will choose whether we will collectively stand and fight to hold onto the final and remaining moral bastions of our constitution, and our freedoms, or whether we will trade these things for a better sounding package.

To compare the historic Alamo example with what is going on in our present time, we must first be able to gauge what are the critical issues of importance that we should protect at all cost, as opposed to issues that may be even of great importance, but not vital. If our freedoms go eventually as a consequence of our collective decision, then the political offers that appear very attractive would not matter much. If our abilities such as freedom of speech get curtailed and forbidden, ie; such as a Pastor not being tolerated and then censored for things that he has said or has written from the pulpit, then the tasty political cakes, policies, and dainty's, given in return, may not be stomached very well.

To see this with the best clarity we should look at what the major things are candidates are standing for, what their Christian positions are, where their Christian walk is, and whether their past political job record bears witness of being able to handle the job of President and Vice President. We also should keep in mind the biblical timing and events as stated in the bible. If we consider all of these factors and pray earnestly on these things, then we should be in the proper mindset for us to make such a historical choice in less than seven weeks from today.

If we look at Obama and Biden:

We see issues promoted such as Pro-Choice, with respect to abortion but with an attempt to improve our system of dealing with unwanted pregnancies. We see a pulling out of the Iraq area, relatively quickly, which appears good for us, but then what will happen to the general region if the foreign is not properly addressed. We see offers of fixing our taxes, our budget, our health care system, our economy, our environment and energy needs. We see a proposal to meet on new terms with the international community. We also see a further opening of civil rights for the gay community from which the political standpoint seems quite fair. Yet, what door would be opened in the biblical and spiritual realm?

An example of this kind of door opening that had unintended consequences is when political decision was made to take the bible and its teaching out of public schools. Shortly after this implementation of policy had occured, the spiritual door opened up to all kinds of things such as more drugs, more violence, and more sexual practice at such early ages. These consequences caused the moral and intellectual environment in school to quickly decay, so that in order now for the local government to respond to this was to bring in more security, condoms, and police, in the attempt to combat these events. Was the choice of removing the word of God from our schools worth the resultant cost?

So, it is not just a political choice that we face as a nation, but a spiritual choice as well. A choice that is even of greater importance amongst those that consider themselves fairly devoted Christians.

If we look at McCain and Palin:

We see positions of Pro-life, and the rememberance of why we got into the war in the first place. We got into the war because we got attacked by terrorist regimes on 9/11. We see a willingness to stay in the fight, to never forget, and to win this war over our freedoms and liberties that God originally had blessed us with when our founding fathers first prayed and made a covenant with God for our nation. We also see alternately proposed reforms of our taxes, our healthcare system, and a focus on energy and environment as well. We see Palin ready, willing, and able to take on Washington's beauracracy and wasteful spending habits.

Both, Obama and Palin are relatively less experencied in the Political process then Biden and McCain. However, I believe that each party is well able to handle the job of leading our country as far as being able to do it. The plus-ses for Obama is all of the wonderful incentive packages of change that he is offering to us. While he has less foreign international experience, Biden tends to supply and cover this weakness. While McCain has a much greater experience in the political process and war then Obama, McCain's weakness is that he is 72 years old with a little bit of a temper at times.

There are many other issues to consider but these are the most important ones. Yet after the political smoke clears, and we get to the roots of the situation, we see two dynamically separate political offers in tension, for us to decide between.

Offer A:

1. Let's back off of the war and get back to taking care of America and work on us.

2. Let's bring about changes in the country that could very well bring about the dream alive that Martin Luther King was thinking of. Changes that if put in place would go well beyond this dream in the lifting up of the oppressed and those in need.

3. Let's open up the door to a much broader application of our civil rights as a nation.


Offer B

1. Let's continue in this battle against the aggressors until we truly win and truly protect our freedoms at home.

2. Let's truly bring about reforms in our country, especially with respect to our energy needs.

3. Let's hold firm and fortify the remaining pillars and bastions of morality in our country, and maintain God's principles in our lives and country as much as we can.


Normally, in an election these choices before us would not be so consequential, but given the times we are in, and the general political climate that we are on this earth, while I am really attracted to the packages concerning the fixing of our health, I am mostly concerned about our spiritual welfare as a country, and the maintenance of our freedoms in this country.

This is why the historical Alamo example was given in the beginning of this article. It was given because I believe we are on a similar precipice of decision. We can all sense the general storm surge of evil, battling, and breaking down of our walls of morality in this country. It seems so powerful and appears so hard to fight, that it seems futile to even resist it. Yet, our political decision as a country will open new doors and new realities. We must endeavor to consider deeply the cost of our general freedoms and our religious freedoms. We must choose collectively to stand up and fight to hold these walls of morality and Christian principles.

Otherwise, the levees of of righteousness may be eventually worn completely down and then blown away. With the levees gone, and the floods ensue, what kind of lifestyle will there be left behind to live? If our general freedoms and religious freedoms effectively be eroded away, would not the attractive political packages become little more than flimsy life preservers that we hold onto just to breathe?

We really need to unite, pray, and ask God to help us discern who should be placed in charge of this country under God. For our blessings and prosperity, whether personal or national come to us as we keep the word of God abiding in us and near us ( 3 John 1:2, Joshua 1:6-9 ).

I suppose we could function as Christians with curtailed freedoms, but it would become a much harder walk. It would become the price we pay for our insensitivity towards what issues are first and foremost to us. An insensitvity like when the media burst out into the Vietnam battlefield to find out what the 7th Calvary had accomplished. They had no clue to the price their fellow American's had just paid to even stand there next to that tattered, oilstained, small flag as it crisply flapped in the wind. The Lt. Colonel said to the embedded reporter who had been with them, "Tell them, tell them the story of how my troopers died". (From the movie- We Were Brothers)

As a tribute to our Soldier brothers, watch a few of these clips, so we can bring fresh to our minds the cost of our freedoms that so casually enjoy. As they said about the Alamo- Remember. As is echoed with many messages around the 9/11 world trade center memorial- Let us never forget. As the Lieutenant said with his final breath to Private Ryan, "Earn this". Let us remember these things as we vote this year in just a few more weeks.

1. Tribute to our Soldiers

2. Tribute to 9/11

3. Earn this - (Saving Private Ryan)

4. We were Soldiers- Tribute to Vietnam Vet

5. The Patriot- Hold the Line


When we go to the poles this November, Will we hold the line for our freedoms?  Will we hold the line for the moral principles that this great nation under God was built on?  

The Line is Truly drawn in the Sand! 













Posted Saturday, June 20, 2009 * You can copy and paste letter below to join in making your voice heard.

Recent letter to Michael Steel (Republican National Comitee-RNC)

From a Concerned Voter:

Attn: Mr. Chairman, Michael Steel

The spirit of antichrist has invaded our government, with officials who are running this country. Putting their personal agenda, removing the name of "Jesus" from the White House, and all government buildings, where the leaders of this God Created Nation are residing. They are eliminating God's spoken word's and inserting their own interpretation.

Example: Allowing same sex union; God says its an abomination in His sight. They are demon spirits.

You sent a survey to U S residents, concerning the present administration's current national issues. My response to this:

If you and the Republican Party want to change those issues, #1 seek GOD. Jeremiah 33:3 "Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not" and 2 Chronicles 7:14-15 (look up).

Do not ignore what you are reading. By praying and seeking God's guidance, you cannot fail. Its fool proof. Our forefathers prayed together and God heard them. They got results.

You have the same seats right now. What's your excuse? Pride? Go back to what made this nation great, PRAYER!

I stronly urge, advise, and pray that you and the 40 or 41 party members do this.

We the true God fearing Chrstian believers will back you up if you follow these steps.


I want to discuss this matter with you, call me. (phone number)


(Your Name Here)



Now you can copy, paste, and modify this letter originally written by a concerned voter. You can model it and or insert your name and phone instead. Feel free to write your own letter. It is time for the Body of Christ to speak out and participate in civic duties!!!!

The kindom of the world is beggining to unite. Will the Body of Christ remain a Kingdom divided amongst themselves? Or will the Body of Christ begin to find ways to unite?

Here is the link to the phone number of the Republican National Comitee and email addresses that you another concerned member of the body of Christ. Its time.....

Additional Links

Republican National Comitee- Contact us


Do not withold good from whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.

Proverbs 3:27


RNC Blog


To see other articles written by                   Juan Bustamante go to

Frameworks VII - Risen as One Man (Soundings from the Shofar)

Soundings from the Shofar-A voice in the Wilderness (Juan Bustamante's main article page)


Mass media vs. Christianity

By David Conrad

There is an ongoing battle in this country for the hearts, minds, and souls of every man, woman, and child. In the battle between the mass media and Christianity, the battle comes down to good versus evil. II Peter 2:1&2 demonstrates it well; "But there will be false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who brought them- bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute." These false teachers have been with us since our beginnings. Modern Christians experienced their first significant taste of this in the Renaissance of the 1300s. Artisans, philosophers, and the literary minds of the day sought to exalt man and his abilities as centrally important to his own fate; replacing God.
("A seismic shift" par. 13)
The end of the Renaissance was followed immediately by the age of the 'Enlightenment' of the 1600s. Leaders such as Voltaire and Descartes stated that if God existed, He left man, after creating the earth, to his own devices, to discern his own 'truth'. Right and wrong were, (and in increasing cases still are), considered to be a product of man's own reasoning and not of God's character. ("A seismic shift", par. 14)
The 'enlightenment' was enhanced by the Industrial Revolution which, consequently, bolstered man's confidence in his own abilities and self sufficiency, furthering the foolish notion that man needed no God. It is this 'reasoning of truth' and the confidence in man's perceived ability to make his own fate, control his own destiny, that characterizes the venomous pied piper, the mass media.
The fact that our country was founded on Christian values and beliefs by our predominantly Christian forefathers is indisputable. And yet the major players in the liberal press have stated otherwise. And when we, as Christians, or our representatives attempt to stand up against something as inherently wrong as abortion, gay rights, etc., we are shouted down as intolerant. We are told that we are inhibiting someone's right to free speech. What of our right to free speech? And if we persist, as we must, the media roll out their stubborn showpiece of revisionist history, "separation of church and state". This was the first of many big lies promoted by the media as 'truth'. This was an illegal addition to the Constitution, without the consent of Congress, by liberal 'justice' Hugo Black in 1947. Mr. Black revised the establishment clause of the first amendment to include intent derived from a personal letter of Thomas Jefferson's, Likely not intended for public consumption, in which an excerpt; "a wall of separation between church and state", was taken out of context and applied in order to prohibit state funding of religion or the aid thereof.
("Separation of Church and State", par. 2)
This term has been regurgitated so often in the media and subsequently by word of mouth that statistics show roughly 67% of all Americans believe that it is in the Constitution.("Separation of Church and State", par. 9) This lie and others like it could not stand without the promotion of the mass media and its agenda to eradicate Christianity and its, "impoverished, uneducated, ignorant people" (Bonewits, par. 4) This is truly how the media portrays Christians.
Bryant Gumbel apparently exemplifies this 'ignorant' sentiment. After interviewing Robert Knight of the Family Research Council on the subject of the Boy Scouts' refusal to allow homosexuals to be Scout leaders, he, thinking that the cameras were off, muttered; "****ing idiot". (Brennan, par. 7) In another example, former Green Bay Packers, star Reggie White professed his Christian faith in a speech in which he also stated that he was offended by comparisons of the 'plight' of gay rights to that of the civil rights struggle of the 1960s, stating that; "Homosexuality is a decision. It's not a race." CBS, almost immediately cancelled a sports casting contract they had signed with Mr. White.
("War on Christianity", par. 11)
This contempt for morality is not unique to the national media alone. Florida newspaper 'journalist' Bob Norman, refers to; "evangelical loonies", and "way out there Christian wackos". Robyn E. Blummer of the St. Petersburg Times stated in a report that Christians are trying in "Taliban-like ways to inject religion into public schools and the operations of government." (Brennan, par. 9) Obviously Ms. Blummer still lives under the delusion that God was never a part of the schools and government to start with. She and the majority of the liberal mass media like her, either remain ignorant due to apathy or refuse to admit the obvious for other, more sinister reasons. While many of these journalists are well educated and even well-read, where the Bible is concerned, they are seemingly devoid of any recollection of God being tied to the inner workings and foundations of this country, which could be the fault of a sub-par public school system, but that's another story altogether. A 1995 study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs show that some 70% of media journalists seldom, if ever, attend any religious service as compared to almost 50% of Americans who attend services more than twice a month. (Limbaugh, pg. 285, par. 2)
The most flagrant and recent of the media's contempt for Christianity and His message was the uproar of the media over "The Passion of Christ". In an interview with Dianne Sawyer of ABC, film star and now film maker, Mel Gibson was asked to answer charges of anti-Semitism, and of being a 'hate monger'. Mr. Gibson immediately laughed these allegations off as a ludicrous media smoke screen. In the course of the interview, Ms. Sawyer introduced the views of other religious 'leaders', albeit left wing religious leaders. For reasons they either weren't asked about or wouldn't discuss, these 'leaders' echoed the same slanderous, unfounded, and unwarranted charges as the media.
During the entire interview, there was not a single religious leader whose views lined up with the facts and subsequently the movie.
The concern of those in the media seems, outwardly, to be that this movie will promote anti-Semitism and cause resentment of Jews among Christians and others, (something the media certainly doesn't promote with its compassionate stance on murderous Muslim extremists). New York Times columnist Frank Rich refers to Mr. Gibson as a "Jew-baiter" (Dobson, par. 6) Amid all this mudslinging is a man; a Christian who, when Hollywood said no and the Holy Spirit was still saying yes, went forward with this project, on his own 'dime' and illustrated one of the most passionate stories ever told in vivid, sometimes breathtakingly graphic fashion. It is a story of faith, hope, love, and forgiveness, of which Mr. Gibson remarked in a Reader's digest interview; "And I think we're desperately in need of those things in the world. I think we're out of control."
(Noonan, par. 45) The shameful fact is that Hollywood and the media make money by being shocking or seducing, by scaring or revolting people. The American populace has become so numb and apathetic to the mindless mayhem of movies and TV that when the media and its pundits rant like some rabid atheist about a film that shows the compassion, love, and forgiveness like the 'Passion', it is shrugged off as hype. While this may sell some tickets, those moviegoers will take some negative message away from the movie and miss the point and relevance of the film. Bill O'Reilly said it best when he said of Hollywood; "few of these people are creative enough to [make money] without wallowing in the mud." (O'Reilly, pg. 29, par. 2)
We must understand that not all of what the media does is so flagrant. In fact, most of what the media does is covert and subliminal, starting with the very young and continuing until; "he or she is a bit less able to differentiate between the fictional universe and the real world. Thus by its very nature television, like all mass media, filters and changes the reality it mediates." (Fore, par. 11)
We as Christians, are here 'for such a time as this' It is time for the menacing, foul-mouthed, atheist media to see the truth of Jesus Christ and all that awaits mankind; to refresh the memory of our fellow Americans and those around the world of the truths, values, and beliefs that motivated the founding fathers of this nation as witnessed in the documents they wrote and in testimony to the God they worshipped.

I am a full time college student at Southeastern college. I enjoy writing particularly about those things that stand in opposition to my faith. I have a passion for writing, and consider myself a versatile writer; research, political, fiction, poetry, prose, lyrics, etc. I have examples of the other

Opinion - Are Too Many Politicians Self-serving?

By gene hudgens

Since most voters in America consider themselves Christians, this is an area that every Christian should have an interest in.

Only one percent of the American population is in the American military. This means that this one percent is doing 100% of the dangerous hard work of defending America, our life-style, and the freedom of all Americans (including every American politician).

It is a shame and it is a disgrace when the American government (the politicians) chooses not to adequately care for this one percent that are daily in harms-way, getting wounded, getting disabled for life, and even giving their life for America and all of the 99% of Americans that are never in harms-way and do nothing for America's defense.

The U. S. Armed Forces is the only occupation or profession in America that demands that all of its employees sign a contract agreeing to give their life for their country. For this alone, the U. S. Armed Forces should be one of the highest paid profession in America, but instead many members endure a food stamp salary.

Is this basically because the general public is not interested in its military in the first place? Is this because the media has not educated the American public of this fact and other sad conditions in the U. S. Armed Forces?

I personally feel that the one percent that sacrifices their limbs and willingly offers their lives for America and all Americans are justified in expecting the other 99% to willingly pay any amount of money necessary to insure that every single wounded and disabled military member is immediately afforded the best medical care in Americawith no exceptions. Presently this is not happeningand this is a disgrace.

Every single individual reading this article needs to quickly get active in correcting this problem. Every American, Christians and others, must understand that America presently has an all-volunteer military. This requires volunteers in the future.

Individuals considering volunteering are not stupid. They are watching the selfish, uninformed and unrealistic politicians to see if they correct the present problems. The American government must immediately and adequately cover all present and future medical expenses and all life-long rehabilitation expenses associated with war injuriesand the government must keep its promises to veterans and retirees.

If the politicians fail this test, the 99% that presently never have to think about being in harms-way, will likely see the necessity of reinstating the DRAFT, because of a shortage of volunteers.

Wasting time with self-serving politics such as naming post offices as a tribute to fallen soldiers is so very counter-productive. These individuals need to get off their butts and accomplish worth while projects. They certainly get paid enough to produce results expected of seasoned politicians. They all need to unite and spend more time finding ways to prevent wars. Presently they certainly don't participate in the fightingand don't seem to be very successful in preventing wars.

Every American citizen has a responsibility to demand that politicians adequately care for the U. S. Armed Forces.

Gene Hudgens honorably served in the U.S. Armed Forces for twenty eight years.

Articles Source:

http://www.faithwriters.com-CHRISTIAN WRITERS-MAKE A WEBSITE

Captures the excitement of being around this italian waters.